LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint Lip Swatches on Dark Skin


Here are LA girl glazed lip paint swatches. They are very pigmented glosses. They smell like peppermint and leave the lips tingly.I would use a lip brush though because if you squeeze too much too much product comes out. My favorites are coy, blushing, tempt, daring, bombshell,and seduce.

Whisper is a light beige on me.
Bombshell is a bright pink. 
Whimsical is a lighter mauve pink.
 Peony is a light pinkish color.
Seduce is a pinkish plum.
Coy is a lavender.
 Flirt is another beige.
Daring another plum, but slightly darker.
Tempt is a dark red.
 Flirt is a bright orange.
 Baby doll is a bubble gum pink.
Blushing is a medium pink.
 Tease is another light pink.
Tango an pinkish orange.
Pin up a bright red.
 Elude is another pinkish beige.
Gleam is a bright golden orange.
Hot mess is a lighter orange.

Hope you are doing well!
Love Pretty