Hi there! I'm Pretty! This blog is for finding pretty shades of color and playing with nail polish and makeup! I chose my name, 'Pretty' as an alias because my name is very unique and I would like a little bit of privacy. I also chose it because I never felt like I was not pretty growing up because I was a chubby, dark skin black girl with thick 4c hair. Pretty reminds me that I'm pretty too even though I'm not the 'standard.' I love pink nail polish and playing with makeup so I called my blog:  PinkNailBlog!

Welcome! I hope you enjoy!

My blog will have my own opinions, not influenced by companies and such. I love messing around with polish and makeup. I'm not a professional so my opinions and advice are not the law. Just what I'm feeling about talking about at the time. I hope to research and do my best to give a fair view.

Besides nail polish,  I love art, makeup, fashion, design, architecture, playing piano and the guitar, singing, knitting, and other nerdy things like watching The Original Series of Star Trek or anything with Chris Pine.

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