Crochet Braids #1


Hello! I did my first crochet braid! It is a good protective style that I have never tried. I did it myself and it was pretty tedious since I am just learning.

I used two packs of 100% kanekalon hair I got from Amazon, and I curled the ends with hot water and curlers.

 First, you have to cornrow your hair. I had difficulty doing that step, next time I might go to a braiding beauty salon and ask for cornrows. The only thing is they always braid toooo tight! Even when you ask to braid gentler.

After you cornrow the hair, then you get strands of hair and attach to a crochet/ latch style needle and loop it through the cornrows. To secure the hair, you loop it three times and tie a knot.

This process took forever! I did not have a needle so I used a Bobby pin. That was a mistake! It took soo long to loop the hair into the bobby pin. Ahhh! Next time I will try it with a crochet latch needle.

 Anyway here are my results. I tried to hide my part by putting more hair to the front and hiding it that way. Meh. It works sort of. The sides I like to put back, but that exposes the braids a little. I don't think it's such a big deal. I like my hair a little off my face.  I will probably leave the in for three weeks. It is not my favorite style but I did all this work, I don't want to take it down. Lol

I actually might just get a professional to do it, but I do not want to spend so much money...and they braid too freaking tight. Oh well

Maybe I will  try different hair, closer to my hair texture so it looks more natural. *sigh*
Update: I took it out! It did not take very long, but I was afraid of cutting my own hair so I was very careful. I will try it again with marley hair and if that does not work then I will forget crochet braids and stick to Senegalese twists. :-)

 Hope you are doing well!
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