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Friday, September 16, 2011

Kitty and Fishy Fishy

Hey everyone, Ok, this is my first stamping post! I know. Seriously. I keep wanting to do nail art, but just make excuses. lol So, I'm going to make Friday stamp-art day. Something to keep me busy. My super amazing good friend left for med school in NYC...and we used to hang out a lot on the weekend. boo..and another "friend" who I used to hang out with a lot on the weekend turned out to be a very toxic person. So, it makes my weekends kind of boring at the moment.

Well, I have class Sat with my secret crush. He always makes me laugh. So, the weekends aren't so bad....I guess. heehee. Well, enough of that. This is a nail blog. Friday is nail time now! Focusing on art/design/nails helps me feel better...because I LOVE it! *sigh* lol anyway.

 On my nails I used one of my franken polishes for the base. I used OPI: Black onyx for stamping. Black Onyx is good for stamping. I think I will make a little database or something with my polishes that go well with stamping. I used a plate BM04 from the bundle monsters.

I got it waaay back in December...

I tried stamping during the holidays...and kind of gave up on it. I sucked bad. I wish some of you blogger ladies lived near me. I would pay you guys for doing your amazing things on my nails. I think I have an attention/focus problem...because I really don't do this well. Hopefully, you won't laugh at my attempts
The kitty's tail and ear are not right. *sigh*  I'm super excited, though.

This is REALLY good for me!
The fishys came out well!