NOTD: Rimmel - Wild Orchid


This is what I got this weekend.
 I got this Rimmel wild orchid and rags to riches- a green metallicy polish!
 It was buy one get one half off at walgreens.

I usually don't wear purple.
I'm not sure I like purples yet.
It's not the same feeling like my love of pink... but this color is really nice.

First of all, the brush is amazing!
With the right amount of pressure you can brush your whole nail with one stroke!

However, I'm not that skilled as I almost got it with one-stroke but missed spots.
The formula is thick so you can get away with one coat. But. this is two.

The formula is thick and application is good.
But when this dried it bubbled a little though.
I'm not sure if it was my topcoat/or I had the window open.
*sigh* Oh, well, I still like it.

Maybe I will put some thinner in it as it is a little on the thick side.

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