NOTD - accent pink


Hmm well, this is really what I wore for the weekend.
The navy blue lasted a while..
but I wanted to extend it.

I put on OPI Teenage Dream as an accent on my left hand.
It took about 3-4 coats of pink glitter cover up the blue.

blurry to show bling bling

* random rant about nail accents...below*
I don't like it when the accent is on BOTH left and right hands!

 To me that is too much going on.
 I would never do accents on both hands.

Well, this would probably only make sense to ppl who speak French....
.....but its like having two accents graves on one letter.
    That's very grave indeed ..You need only one accent!

Ok I'm silly.
and I shall elaborate more...

To me the blue navy is the 'letter' ....and the accent is the pink.

I think I just made a little rant about something so silly. lol
But what triggered it was ...
I saw this girl on TV, I forgot her name..
but the show was called "Perfect Merger" or something like that..
She is like the black bachelorette...

It's kind of a  dumb show.. but  it's a guilty pleasure of mine
because some of those guys are hooooot..

She had this mani with two accents and I cringed a little.
I like her color combo.. though..

I dunno I don't care what other people do..
 She can do many accents..

But I would prob not do 2 accents.
It really bothers my visual senses. lol

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