Flower stamping!


Hey there!  This is some more stamping I did Sunday. It was raining for a quick bit. Now it's sunny again. Strange earthquake weather. Yes. We did have a little earthquake! lol.

Some more stamping fun with bm16, Black Onyx. I know I really should find other colors. Revlon silver as the base. 

I think I might change this now that the weather is sunny. The painting isn't perfect. I messed up on one finger and had to paint over it. Sorry I'm not a perfect painting blogger lady. I try.. but fail. haha

*just realized I started another rant *
Oh well, I've come to conclusion that people who hate on my imperfectly painted nails are lame.

This is just a silly blog. You know like a diary of my nail fails/nail wins. I think I didn't know what I was doing in the past and I was trying to keep up with other nail bloggers because I thought I was supposed to as a nail blogger. You know oh you must have giveaways, show all the newest collections(um I'm sorry, I  have limited monies), and show only perfect nails.. ehh. but I think that makes bloggin....um not fun. I'm just going to blog for fun. Especially.  I'm not  trying to please some ninny people who are just about hating people's nail or hating people's painting jobs, or people that demand nail bloggers have giveaways for them to be a reader and all that nonsense. Go away lame people. I don't want you reading my blog. *

Well, enough of the rants. 

I heart all of the super nice nail bloggers whom I've meet. You are all super awesome!  And I'm always inspired by your nails! Please come and konad my nails for me.
<3 <3 Pretty

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