Eyelash Review

I was sent these eyelashes by  kkcenterhk eyelash A166 for review.
Compared to the last review I did..
...these lashes feel a lot lighter on my eyes.
I'm still figuring out makeup stuff..

hmm I accidentally squished part of the lash when I was applying it.
And I think it's better to put makeup on BEFORE the lash!

gosh I'm a makeup newbie.
One eye has makeup dust on the eyelashes.

This makeup is Wet N Wild.
They had a sale this weekend. Buy one get one free.
This one is "I got Good Jeans"
I'm bad...

 I went and did an errand for my mom this weekend..
and walked to the store further away because I knew it was cheaper there.

and used the rest to buy makeup/nail polish....
I'm bad...

kkcenterhk eyelash A166


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