The Joy of Painting: Nature Tutorial

The Joy of  Painting: Nature Tutorial
I finally made a tutorial this week. This is nail art I did a while back.
*note/disclaimer: do not drink lots of coffee when doing this!
*some of the pictures are blurry... *
*my impatience made my opi bubble as well; I put too much on each coat to get opaque white quicker.. ....boooo*

1. Make your canvas ( Opi-alpine snow)

2. Paint a triangle on the base of your fingers. (just make two of three strokes of a triangle). To get the color mix Alpine snow with a dab of black. 

3. Paint a triangle with a darker gray color over step 2.

4. Paint half of a  triangle to make the black hill; starting from edge of your finger downward to the tips.

 - Next,  paint a long line upwards in black.

6. Lightly in upward brush strokes place horizontal lines across to make the foliage. Top with top coat.

8. ....or with matte, it looks cool that way too.

 *oops i forgot*
tools used:
small art brush with tiny tip,
medium art brush,
black and white nail polish,
plastic/aluminum sheet to mix nail polish colors on.

I hope you enjoyed this series of the Joy of Painting (nail edition)

                              -Love, Pretty the Painter


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