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Friday, August 13, 2010

Challenge: Nature Revisited Matte

with it matte u can actually see the details and not the reflection/shine.

forgot to post these pictures matte..!
right hand...not as good as the left. but it still looks like a painting!
I wore this for 4 days.. I loved it so much!


I love it even more matte, it's like you have tiny paintings on your nails. So beautiful and so classy, I wish I had your nail art skills.

Oh wow!!! Very pretty!!! You must have gotten so many compliments!

Beautiful! I agree that it looks great matte.

whaouh !!This is awesome!
its seems chinese landscape !!
please make a tutorial video, this nail art it's amazing

@Steffie: thank you.

@The Student's Guide To Nail Polish: ooh yes it called ai..means love

@Pawssies: :-)

@Anneli: thank you.. no worries. i'm not that good. i'm messy .. 99% of the time..

@tasha~ : yes. this store owner guy noticed it. i wore mostly black/whit.. so it would pop out.

@Enamel Girl: i'm in love with that essie stuff now!

@Liever-Loeder :-)

@KarenD: matte is nice lol

@diamants-d'ebenes: .. ok..! well when i have time.. i guess i can try.. it's really just me messing around.. i'm not a professional.. hehe

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