Halloween + Dr. Who fun!

Happy Halloween:
 Here are some fun nail costumes. They are based on my favorite show Dr. Who!! It is a BBC sci fi show... but it's not a typical sci fi show. I think that it is really all about nails. Well, not really... but I think Dr. Who has the best story lines in any show I've watched.  I love Dr. Who!!! One of the main characters in this season is Amy Pond... she has killer nails! So, I did my best to follow some of the episodes to show her best nails. Yes, I know...I  have no life..but I had fun.

Me as Amy Pond. I'm in space.. wee!
Amy Pond in Space!

Episode:  "The 11th Hour"
 Nail Version: Wet N Wild :  Red red

 Episode: "Flesh and Stone"
Nail Version: Rimmel Steel Grey

episode: The Pandorica Opens

Nail version: wet n wild sunny side up 

Episode: "The Beast Below"

                 Nail version: Color Club: Charity Ball                      

Episode: "The Lodger"


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