OPI: Jade is the New Black

Did this right before class.. !
Kinda rushed.. and slight dent I think.. argh
But I wanted some color today!
I don't usually like greens.. But I like this one..
I feel kinda bad ass with this color..
So I wore my grey Led Zeppelin shirt... a short purple skirt.. and my converse shoes..
I'm probably a hipster today/rocker chick.

This pic below is not in the light. My desk light is really yellow.
Two coats..
Really nice application.
Super Shiny without a top coat..
however, I put some opi topcoat on and it's really really shiny now..
can't stop looking at it...

ahhh I love the shiny.


  1. I love it on you! I wasn't excited about it on me, might give it another try.

  2. It complements your skin nicely!

  3. I have this one! I love it sooo much!


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