Franken Fails.


Franken Fail
Some of my franken fails...I did these a while back. I was just to embarrassed to show these yucky things.  The glitter I used was some random art craft glitter. Hit or miss I guess. I got the crushed shells at a local beauty store. Yuck. Lol.  Oh wells, no one is perfect. 

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1. Black and red glitter = FAIL
      - glitter settled to the bottom!
      - AND the glitter changed colors!
     - I used a Sally Hansen black as a base.

2. Pink Flakie = FAIL
      - um... just gross.
      - I tried to use crushed shells.. but it just turned into a big clump.. of grossness....
      - I used Wet n' Wild clear as a base

3. Holo Glitter... = FAIL
      - not such a big fail..
      - glitter settles to bottom.. but didn't change colors!
      - it's still pretty, you just need to shake. I used Wet n' Wild clear as a base.



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