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GIVEAWAY CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

125 reader Giveaway
Well, I finished my midterm and I'm in a good mood. So, I guess I want to have a little fun giveaway. This is for one lucky reader. I just want to thank my readers who have decided to read my crazy. Blogging is so special and fun to me because I get to share my crazy np addiction with other people who feel the same way!! And you guys are so sweet, I swear. The nicest group of people. I also might have another bigger giveaway around Nov/Dec. I'm stock piling some goodies for that one.  My birthday is around that time too, so I might get some more goodies! Being a student makes you poor. ( lol)  Well, for this giveaway:

The prize includes

1. LA color Limited Edition Nail Polish 4 pretty polishes!
2. I also bought a Halloween candy ringpop! ( green apple flavor) that lights up!
3. Oooh there is a pink polish too! It looks awesome! 

I think if you are the first 125/ readers blog you will probably get extra points.  I just realized that as of now even though it says 126 readers it is actually 125 readers because I'm lame and follow my own blog. LOL.

If you comment you might get some extra points too....
I don't know what I'm doing really.

hmm the end date is Nov 10th?  I don't know... is that weird to eat Halloween candy after the fact...? 
ehh whatever this is my blog! 

*rules: Must be a gfc follower, so I can stalk you. (jk) lol I don't stalk ppl.. on most days anyways. Open internationally.

la colors metallic nails

ooh look it's pink


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