Angelique Kidjo Concert Today

Oh I'm up too early!
My sleep is all weird because of the world cup schedule.. ehh so fun though

Going to the 'city' today.. (san francisco)
Free concert in the park!
Need to get there early to get a good place..! omg she is sooo sooo AMAZING!

This is my nail picture above:
Analogous Colors Challenge: by Polish Hoarder Disorder!!!
It was really hard.. I have many pink.. and only a couple of other..shades..

greenish: wet n'wild: Caribbean Frost
yellowish: la colors: Wave Length
*(wrong nail polish pic for the blue... oops :-P...)
bluish: wet n'wild: Bijou Blue

ONE of MY Favorite songs below: Summertime sung in Benin!

and then Iwoya!

my parents played her all the time when I was little.
going to be dancing all day in the park.. excited!!


  1. Aaah, I'm jealous! I wanna go!

  2. I quite enjoy your analogous nails - how did you do that?!

    Also, I saw that you're a new follower of mine, so you have gained a new follower as well (:

    Enjoy the concert!!

  3. Asop:
    yeah she was so great. her voice oh my! long and beautiful notes.

    and the band they had amazing drums.. so much dancing.. I'm really sore today! haha

    and she did an encore!

    it was really hot and sunny too.. (San Francisco is almost NEVER hot but foggy/breezy/)

    dalaynee: thank's!

    for the analogous nails I actually did a fake marble..
    I just put some dots of polish in different colors and used a toothpick to mix.

  4. I have a couple of pasty polishes. I heart the Orly nail thinner for this problem :)

    ans i love that you have mostlypink polishes!!!!!


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