Accidental Franken

This sort of thing only happens to me... seriously...
How do you BREAK an OPI bottle?

Last night I was trying to organize all my nail polishes in one place to give away the ones I hate to the Zoya Exchange.

I found this one polish I didn't remember buying, hmm..
OPI Mother Road Rose..?
Well I wanted to try it on!!!
But it was stuck... really really really stuck...
So I decided to give this one to Zoya.
But I came back to it.
I was so annoyed that I didn't remember how this color looked like..

I was determined to open it.

I soaked it in some nail polish remover.
Turned and turned. Nothing
Hot water.
Turned. argh.
Tapped it on the counter.

Oops.. oh noo!
Polish and glass and mess.. oh my..

Instead of being nervous about the mess, I was concerned about saving the polish.

I have a problem.

There wasn't that much polish left, so I added
some clear polish..
and white Ruby Kisses: French White

A Franken PINK!
My first!

I like how it looks like a cream from far away, but it really has some shimmer!! 
My camera can't really capture it right. She's pretty. Very Dirty Pink/Mauve like. 
Reminds me of fall weather.

*And the OPI: Mother Road Rose nail polish belonged to my mother..
  I have a habit of 'borrowing' things from her..
  How fitting.


  1. Really pretty color but gosh. Glad you didn't get cut.
    See you are following me so that is how I found you.
    I'm going to look around. :)

  2. oh yes I did cut my foot on a tiny tiny tiny piece of glass. I thought I cleaned it up.

    It's ok. I'm REALLY REALLY clumsy. I trip/fall/scrape/cut/break/drop.. things a lot. I stock up on bandaids..

  3. Ok, that was the hard way - or how not to make a franken. lol! Glad you could salvage it though.

  4. That happened to me the other day! Well I dropped the polish and the bottle cracked.... so my hubby ducked taped it back together! Whatever works right? Nice franken btw ;)

  5. lol aww that's nice of him!
    as long as the polish is fine.. i'm fine..haha


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