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Saturday, November 29, 2014

La Femme Blush Swatches

Here are some lovely blushes. I love la femme. I was not a blush person because the blushes never showed up on my skin. But these do. La femme blushes are perfect for dark skin. I have one mac blush in raizin but that is about all for other brands of blushes.

Russet, cinnabar, and sienna all look good for a natural glow.
Framboesia is the loudest color, very bright, use sparingly.

  • Brick Red is a brownish red.Cinnabar is a shimmery light brown.
  • Framboesia is a bright pink with sparkles.
  • Russet is a reddish brown some say a dude for raisin. It is good for natural flush.
  • Terracotta is a shimmery pinkish orange.
  • Heather is a matte beige. Good for highlights.
  • Coral is a pretty coral matte blush. The picture doesn't capture it well.
  • Grape is a dark mauve shimmer.
  • Peach is a light matte pink.
  • Bordeaux is a shimmery burgundy. Good for dark skin tones.
  • Sienna is a matte brown.
  • Mocha is a brownish matte pink.
  • Fuchsia is a medium matte pink.
  • Red is a bright shimmery red.
  • Mulberry is a pretty pink matte blush.
  • Orange is a beautiful matte orange. One of my favorites.
  • Plum frost is a shimmery bronze pink. I love this blush.
  • Coral spice is a shimmery light pink.
  • Golden Sunset is an online other beauty. A  bronze shimmery with orange undertone.
  • Orchid Ice is a shimmery medium pink

I love them all. I cannot pick my favorite.

They are inexpensive on Makeup Mania website. You can buy just that color for 3.50 and put them in a a palette. I bought a couple and then kept buying them because I loved the colors. I might depot them and put them in a palette but it is too much work right now. Anyways, Here are my swatches of my favorite blushes:

Hope you are doing well!
Love Pretty