Zoya Susanne

I loved my last mani with the vases, but I got paint all over it when I was painting. So I decided to swatch some Zoya today. This is Zoya Susanne. It is a nice shimmer mauvy pink. I think I made a franken similar to this shade. It is a little slow at drying. But it is worth the wait. It is really pretty shade. Application is a little sheer. This is 2 coats for opacity.

I need to swatch more!  I need more patience and more concentration for swatching. I'm a horrible blogger, I know. My equipment is not right at the moment. And life happens as well. To all the haters out there 'so what' LOL.
Hope you are doing well!
Love Pretty


  1. I had searched Zoya a # of times for some polish close to my name (Susan) and never found anything. Now I just stumbled on your blog here from a blog roll and saw Zoya Susanne! Just a spelling I never entered on the Zoya search....so they do have one that is sort of close to my name! I always thought she did not want a Susan or Susie because of the OPI ex dir being Suzie! Now I can put this one on my Zoya shopping cart!


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