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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

pink crackle wednesday : 2012- Virgin

Left hand with topcoat

Kind of crusty without topcoat. I don't know why the bottle(looks metallic) looks nothing like the finished crackle.  I don't understand crackle sometimes...?

Right hand

Left thumb crackle

2012- Virgin
I saw a whole new line at my local addict store. 2012 all crackles! I decided to try the pink one of course. I decided to wear this today. The base coat black is OPI: Black Onyx.The bottle looked metallic, but when you put it on it dries poofy and kind of weird looking. I don't understand crackle sometimes. *sigh* But it looks pretty good with topcoat! yey. I really like the final outcome. 2012 is a must use with topcoat. My topcoat bubbled a little because the fan was on. But overall I like this mani. 

Hope you are doing well!
Love Pretty