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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Christmas in July Giveaway

July Giveaway
Ok so I'm behind in giveaways. So, I'm going to make this giveaway 'themed.' One year of blogging/200 reader giveaway.

1. Lighting Bolt - China Glaze Crackle
2. Mini OPI teasers
3. Christmas themed stickers!

Ends JULY 29

Ends JULY 29

must be a GFC Follower!
Open internationally.

fill out form.


A HAUL finally!
ehh.. We have roaches! The exterminator came today and I needed to be out of the house.Yuck. I think my family is going to move out after this month.

So, I was out of the house and  I went thrift shopping/nail polish shopping. Haven't bought polish since Jan! omg. The beauty store next door has so much new polish. Before, they only offered  gross and yuck old ass polish. With some nice Sinful/Ruby Kisses. Now, they have a whole big display of OPI, NYX, and RUBY KISSES . New Ruby Kisses wow! I got one in orange!

And they started selling china glaze crackle! I think it was kind of expensive though...5.99.  boo  but I guess I don't have to pay shipping, etc. I bought 2. One for me..and one for a lovely reader to win. AND I got 2 pink finger paints polishes at 69 cents each at the thrift store. Oh boy I spent lots of money.