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Monday, June 27, 2011

Wet N Wild: Red Red

Wet N Wild: Red Red
Awesome red. 2 coats. I really like this red... and I'm not a red person.

Hair Sunday

Hair Sunday
Hair Sunday... um belated posted. For the whole last week, I used  Roots of Nature: Mango Oil and Capuacu Butter. Cost: $6.99. This is really nice product. The smell is pretty strong, though. *I think I don't like a lot of fragrance; so, I may be biased* I prefer the Wen fragrance over this one as this fragrance is a lot stronger.

The product says that it hydrates/moisturizes hair, but I think it's more of a sealant because the top three ingredients are oil and butter. You apply this product on wet hair. The sealant holds in the water well, and  it keeps my hair stretched out when I put it in braids. However, it is slightly oily. On a scale of 1-10 the oil  factor is about a 2. It may be a factor for you if you are prone to breakouts--as my skin is prone to them.

*My hair likes being taken care of... lol. It's less of a ball of knots.. and more soft/easy to style in my signature protective bun hair styles. Ok, I have to pick the next product for this week!