Procastination is bad. L.A. colors - metallic black

Ok, So I procrastinated by removing my nail polish last night, and I also procrastinated by finishing up another assignment that was not the original assignment. Then I feel asleep. I need to do work's not due yet so I'm not so behind. I was too tired to do math/computer program stuff last night my brain couldn't compute.

hmm...Then I work up...tried to work..but took another break. To do nails! Woo this is really pretty.

l.a. colors- metallic black/silver color: 
2 coats, of yummy yummy ness. Applications is great. L.A. Colors has some fun stuff.
I think I really like these colors. I never thought I'd be a gunmetal metallic kinda of person. But this looks sooo nice and surprisingly chic on my nails!

Well, gotta put a topcoat.. on and then off the class. metallic goodness
booo boo boo.

Hope you are doing well!
Love Pretty


  1. Perfect fall color, I love all of the sparkles. This is gorgeousss

  2. Oh, this is REALLY cool! I love it.


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