Many Many Stamping Images. Oh my...

ooooh stamping

I added some stamping to the NYX-Shimmer last night.  I'm getting the hang of konading! My right hand was much better! Sorry, I forgot to take pics of it. Well, I tried to do many different plates but it is not quite right. I used bundle monster BM14, BM06, BM21, BM19...aaaand OPI: Black Onyx... hey if it works it works. I'm just learning, I will try to use more colors later!

I'm just a pretty disorganized person. So, I just work with the polish in front of me.  I try to say I work well in chaos... my desk is messy, my art desk messy, closet full of mess. BUUT I know where everything is.... except last night I failed. I lost one of my plates. I really wanted to use the one with the diagonal strips. I have no idea where it went.

Side note: The best way to blog more for me is when I have lots of school work to do. Procrastination plus stress equals much more blogging. Hmm, as you may have noticed I changed the design of my blog , and I added a new watermark. lol. yes..I did finish my work! Well, gotta get ready for

Hope you are doing well!
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