a halloween scare....bank fees


This is me in solidarity with the protesters of Wall Street. No more banks charging us crazy fees. I'm prob going to use a credit union. I've always had bad experiences going into banks to deposit money,  etc.

This is actually a class assignment. We had to use this sentence and others using  'fonts' to conveying meaning. The is called bullet holz, 'font' by tracertong. The banks are robbing you and the red is your blood. yeah.. 

That is not very nice. I need that 5 dollars to buy pink polish. I'm tired of companies telling us how and what to think.

Go f yourself. 

I'm also going to buy polish from whomever has the best polish and treats customers right. No more crap from companies/corporations.Some stupid company...telling us what is beautiful, etc

I'm Pretty.
You are Pretty. 

I may not be a size 0, or  have the 'right' skin tone, or the 'right' hair but I'm sick of this. I will show my lovelyneess, so others will see that they are too. Hopefully, they will see that they are much more powerful than lame people/companies hink.

I heart all you blogger people. You all have a voice.Let's all spread kindness and pretty things out there. I love blogs. You all have such power. I get to see the 'real' world through all the amazing view points of people around the world. I think I shall try harder more spread kindness and lovely things into the world. :-D....aaaand end of rant...


*Ok, must stay up late tonight to finish some work due for my sat class.. boo
hmmm... I think I don't have a crush on that instructor anymore.:-/

Hope you are doing well!
Love Pretty

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