Green for Depression Awareness Month


Hello. Today I decide to wear one of my favorite polishes.

American-Apparal : Hunter
I love this polish. I looooove me some green. This is easily one coat. But here is 2. No topcoat.

This is also for depression awareness for the month of October.  I suffer from depression and other anxiety/ health issues that I really never feel comfortable talking about. No one really understands what I go through and there is much stigma. So only close friends know my struggles.

So many years dealing deblitating with anxiety/depression. I always felt ashamed because my family member would call me lazy or a loser. Not knowing they are just ignorant of mental health issues.

 It's kind of crazy and ridiculous. In part I noticed that many black people don't want to talk about that kind of stuff. And  there are many families who want to pretend that they are 'perfect' while drowing in addictions.

I wish there were more people out there who were as amazing as some of my closest friends who understand depression and other mental health issues. Life is hard. But I just keep going on.

Friends Help. School Helps. Finding help from treatments helps. Nail polish helps. Sometimes I feel anxious and don't want to go outside.. but I might push myself to at least go to the nail polish shop which is just a block away. So that helps from not spiraling too far.

Just one day at a time. Some days are good some days are bad. So, I cherish the good things a lot more.

Depression is a real illness.
People should be kinder to each other.

Hope you are doing well!
Love Pretty


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