Cute Idea.. but worst polish ever!

I tried to retrieve the pink hearts but they are encased in glue polish...yuck

The hearts refuse to move from that stupid bulge

This is what nightmares are made from

Step to the Beat of My Heart- Nicole by OPI

ok..Hey people....well the idea was the cutest thing ever. Pink hearts/purple heart polish!!!!!
Hmm, I got this right before I moved in the during the  summer. But forgot about it until now. Um, I guess during that time it dried out and all the pretty hearts got clumped on the bottom. So, I finally got some nail polish thinner. I'm going to fix it... right..? um no.."Not so fast Lady! You can't fix this. I'm a biiiiig hot mess!', this polish tells me...hmmph

I don't know.... this is not even polish. It dried! It was goopy. I put in the thinner. Lots and lots of thinner but it was still stuck like glue. Then, I got the end of a stick and tried to get out the hearts. The shape of the bottle is horrible! I couldn't get the hearts out becuase of the weird angle of the bottle. They just all accumulated in the 'no mans land' ! argh. I finally loosened it up a little. And dumped some of the polish in a container. But most of the hearts are just stuck in the bottle. The consistency of the polish is gross. What the HECK! Polish shouldn't do this. I 've had polish for years.. like more than 10 years.. and those are still good. Argh, well I give up! No heart polish for me..

Hope you are doing well!
Love Pretty


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