haul pics


Ok here are some haul pics!!!

**** I usually don't do a lot of haul posts either because..
 1. Sometimes my hauls are crazy and Ionly have pinks.. and ppl will say oh. those are all the same... it doesn't make sense..!! 
   I crazy! It makes sense to me!
 2. I don't want to actually know the exact amount of  money I spent on a nail polish haul...so baad.
 3. I don't 'haul' that often because I'm a student.. 
     ..but the most I will spend is 40 dollars on polish..at one time  to me that's a LOT.. 
       and I feel kinda bad spending it on something so silly...
       but it makes me happy and it's not drugs/alchy or something like that....****

It's just that sometimes I feel should be more 'productive' and buy  a book/art/design things  something more 'useful'.
    but nail polish is kinda like art...so yeah I justify it.. lol.

Well,  I got these from goldenroseusa.com. I saw one of my fav blogger ladies 'another bottle of poliish'' buy her haul. I needed to check it out! My first golden rose purchase! 25 dollars. Very affordable for 8 polishes.

They are all holos!! I love that they look like they are in the shape of little Eiffel towers!


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