golden rose holo 110

arh. I got  this in a golden rose holo haul. boo they don't label all the bottles though. argh  I just looked at this one and it doesn't have a name or number. I forgot what color this is... and I threw away the receipt. argh. well I will try to deduce this one later. I go sleepy now. I have a slight persistent cold since last week. I thought it would go away, but I finally  bought some cough medicine. I feel loopy .
This is two coats. I love it. pics don't do it justice. nice application too.


oooh i was too loopy to see the number right on it. lol it's 

Golden Rose Paris holo 110 - PURPLISH PINK

it doesn't really look purple to me.. more pink. lol

under my desk lamp


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