golden rose - 117 pink

mm........... golden rose 117 - pink!

mm..... this is one of my fav of the haul I got.
It is such a perfect pink shade of holo.

This one is three coats. Application is good.

ok, back to classes... lol.

*random blogging de-stress.. rant below.. *
you may skip...
...................... and just look at the pretty polish*

I'm so screwed. 
I kinda messed up my schedule..
I dropped this class because thought it was too much work... it's closed. 

 ...and this other class I'm taking requires I know C++ argh. 
I took some C++ a looong time ago but I don't remember anything. 
And the first day of class seemed like jargon talk.

 I want to drop that class too now.. but I will be under units!
Maybe if I just review some C++ I will be ok... boooh. 

The instructor dude seems very helpful.
And he also said he was just doing an overview...
and he will teach it in depth later....
yeah I think I can do it! 

I remember I took a calculus class..
and had no idea what the teacher was saying the first day..
 I was soo freaking out...
but I did really well.. so.. yeah. 
maybe it will be like that.
I should  just stay..? hmm...

Maybe pass/no pass. lol
ok.. well
I'm gonna review some of this crap now...
Trying not to stress myself out too much.
ahh classes. 

Well, I hope all of your Monday's are going wells. 

<3 Pretty <3

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