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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ruby Kisses - Hot Pink Obsession

Ruby Kisses - Hot Pink Obsession
Ahh  Hijaking another computer at the moment to post. My computer decided to die, I think. Too much nails for my computer to handle. ehh Hopefully it will turn on tomorrow. :-/ Maybe it will come back to life if I give it a break.

 Hot Pink Obession by Ruby Kisses. Cute Neon Pink. 3 coats.
* oh and i've been out of the blogging loop. this pink wed thing is cool. it's kind of like torture as well though. Imagine being a chocolate addict and everyone showing off all their yummy different flavored chocolate every wed! AHH i want it. ! I want that one too... but I can't have it all...ahhh so much pink! Pink wed is great/torture for a pinkaholic..