Moving sucks! Old Pics


Argh. So, I'm kind of really stressed out. I blog more when I'm stressed out. lol ehh

We have to move by july 30th.  My family are kind of mini hoarder people!
There is a lot of crap we have to get rid of/pack.

Well, I'm a nail polish hoarder. But, I'm broke student person; I can't accumulate a lot.
 But Ack!

We really don't really get rid of anything! floppy disks....? really..and i'm talking about the really old ones that are big and black... ehhh

We are moving into a smaller place. So, maybe they will get rid of all the crap.
While packing, I found these pictures! Taking a break!

Back in the day! Oh man. Growing up kids would call me fat/ black magic marker/ etc... Even my dad's friend told me once that I was pregnant because of my belly...I was about 10 years old... and my dad just started laughing.

me with my uncle near the UN in nyc. he works at the UN as a judge
I guess I wasn't that 'cute' girl. So, that's why I call my gfc name Pretty. I'm sure they are all ugly now. Yeah.
i'm in the weird tshirt. left to right: family friend, mom, me and dad

my crazy family. my mom always looks annoyed in pictures. lol

my mom/dad back in the day getting married in Nigeria. . my mom looks cute. 


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