Hair Sunday

Shea Moisture
Organic Yucca+Aloe Thickening Growth Milk

Oooh I really like this product. I already have thick hair, so I don't know how well it works as its claim. This is from my mom's hair stash.  I LOVE IT. It actually keeps and defines my curl pattern. It makes my hair super soft and movable...You know when you move your head your hair moves too...!

This stuff makes my dry tangled mess into more defined curls of lovely. If I was brave, I could actually wear my hair down with this product... but the weather here is too weird for that. Morning fog = big poofy hair mess and goodbye to defined curls.

Well, I love this product! The only problem is that I use a lot of it. At the rate I'm going I could probably finish a whole bottle in 2 weeks. LOL. It's 10 dollars at the Walgreens. 40 dollars a month for hair

It smells nice lotion.


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