FingerPaints - Love at First Bright

FingerPaints - Love at First Bright

2 coats of yummy pinkness!

I cut my nails because they are all brittle. I've just been using some cheapy cvs remover. boo never again. My nail broke off when I was rummaging through items at the thrift town. I got this Fingerpaints sexy pink baby at the thrift town for 69 cents!

They have so much stuff at that place I can't believe this caught my attention. I never see polish there, but  out of the corner of my eye I saw pink polish!

I love this color!

The application is great too! It dries so shiny and bright as well.

I don't know if this is a jelly...I think it's almost a jelly. Well. It's bright. It's pink. I like it. That's what counts. I think that this goes on my favorite pink list.

*it's hard to get the right color. sorry.  I'm using a borrowed camera on a borrowed computer because my system died. My camera doesn't have the right drivers/software/etc to go on this slow little tiny pc computer.  
*ehh and i hate the new blogger draft format. It won't let me do simple things like make pics the size I want! 

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