Product Review - kkcenterhk eyelashes A88


Review: kkcenterhk eyelashes A88
This is a review of kkcenterhk Short Black Luxuriant Lashes. They sent these for me to do a review. Here is a link to their website 
These eyelashes cost 5.68$ on their website for all 10. The shipping was fast; I got these on Thursday-- a week after she sent them.

I had to review them now, because I've been having nightmares recently which has left me with bloodshot eyes all week. Ehh teeth falling out, serial killer roomates, running from zombie pple, omg!

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the front

the back
I'm not an eyelash pro, so I found the directions confusing. :0( I know they are based in HK but the English text is just way to confusing to decipher.

Yey. I like them!

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