Marble Part Two

Marble Faze
Ok, so I think I've caught a marbling faze. This is fun. I'm addicted to making it work. My thumb made a pattern that looked like pink french tips... so I just made them all with tips later on. I think I'm just going to water marble all summer! So fun! Ahahaha.

I can't stop using the Sinful Fusion Neon, either! It always calls me for fun manis like this.  I need a black light to have fun with this more.  I still have to get used to Color Club: just looks so strange like slime/sickly nails. However, the pink neon more than makes up for it!!!

*side note...They should have a marble polish. I'm not a fan of crackle.. but I would sooooo get a marble polish.


  1. Wow, what a novel marbling technique! For some reason, I'd think a neon wouldn't marble well, but your manicure came out so cute! I like the tips as well :)


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