DS Glamour



Bah I hate group projects. I need some added nail polish happiness. Lots of work...with groups! ack. I have just been wearing no polish. So sorry for lack of posting.

Well, I save my 'special' polishes. I should wear them more though. This is DS glamour. I found it hiding under a dusty shelf at the nail shop and it was the last one. Yey!  They rarely have DS series stuff. That was a very lucky day. I wish I had more finds like that. :-D

OPI glamour  is 2 coats of yummy holo powers. Nice application... and super pretty.  I like it.

Hope you are doing well!
Love Pretty


Belated Pink Wed - Pink Stash!


Hey there. Long time no post. Just finished a big school project...but there are is another one now due. lol 

I'm  a busy person and I'm really not the most organized. I really try to be, as I'm inspired by you awesome nail polish ladies. So, this is my pink stash and more! I always was kind of embarrased to show my stash. I think there are many more polishes in random places as well. ehh It's really scary when you put everything together. I'm not crazy. I just like nail polish.. sigh

Well,  I moved one of my clothes organizers into the bathroom to place my ever growing nail polish collection/hair supplies/makeup/etc into these. They are not the famous 'helmers' BUT they are from IKEA. I think they are called Antonius or something like that. It's a very light storage system. There are pretty cheap. I think 30 dollars. The cloth baskets, I think are the most expensive thing of the unit... maybe 6 dollars for one basket. They are not very sturdy so don't put a lot of polish in it.  I have wire baskets as well, which are cheaper. I think they are 3 dollars. They are stronger and better for the heavy polish. But hey, this is what I got.  I don't feel like getting a helmer. :-p

Hope you are doing well!
Love Pretty


Wet n Wild: Show Stopper glitter eyeshadow

Review: Wet n Wild- Show Stopper(lots of picts!)
Pros: 1. Many colors
          2. Affordable,
          3. Glitter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! glittttttttttttteeeeeer! mmmm....
          4. I love the brushes that they provide.
              ...One side is normal and the other side is tapered for lining eyes.
          5. I really looooove the copper shade. It's super highly pigmented!
Cons: 1.The glitter is only on the top layer!!!!!!! what the heck!!! it says glitter..more like glitter cream
          2. I kind of feel duped. I thought it was all glitter!
          3. Some of the colors are not that pigmented.
          4. Takes a lot more product to get the color out  of the 2 blacks and the light baby blue!

dry over primer

middle colors:dry
middle colors: wet

last colors: dry.. the gold and the blue are very light dry
last colors: wet. The light blue is still very light, but the gold and copper are more pronounced wet

glitter is only on top layer

swatches(all): wet

My first makeup swatch!!!You enablers!

I'm not a makeup person. But, I saw this glitter on other blogs. I must try!
According to some study , makeup makes you look more 'trustworthy.' (funded by makeup companies. jk)

 I never really wear makeup.  I'm more of  a tomboy.

I always liked playing with nerdy boy things..ie. legos, log cabin, etc I used to tie rubber bands to my barbies and make them yo-yos, because I wanted a yo-yo and a slinky for Christmas. hehe

Well, makeup is my new fun. Hopefully, I shall learn to swatch these better. I have hairy arms in macro.  ahehe  :-D. I have lots of hair.

Hope you are doing well!
Love Pretty


Green for Depression Awareness Month


Hello. Today I decide to wear one of my favorite polishes.

American-Apparal : Hunter
I love this polish. I looooove me some green. This is easily one coat. But here is 2. No topcoat.

This is also for depression awareness for the month of October.  I suffer from depression and other anxiety/ health issues that I really never feel comfortable talking about. No one really understands what I go through and there is much stigma. So only close friends know my struggles.

So many years dealing deblitating with anxiety/depression. I always felt ashamed because my family member would call me lazy or a loser. Not knowing they are just ignorant of mental health issues.

 It's kind of crazy and ridiculous. In part I noticed that many black people don't want to talk about that kind of stuff. And  there are many families who want to pretend that they are 'perfect' while drowing in addictions.

I wish there were more people out there who were as amazing as some of my closest friends who understand depression and other mental health issues. Life is hard. But I just keep going on.

Friends Help. School Helps. Finding help from treatments helps. Nail polish helps. Sometimes I feel anxious and don't want to go outside.. but I might push myself to at least go to the nail polish shop which is just a block away. So that helps from not spiraling too far.

Just one day at a time. Some days are good some days are bad. So, I cherish the good things a lot more.

Depression is a real illness.
People should be kinder to each other.

Hope you are doing well!
Love Pretty


gold is sexay...mmmhmm



Revlon: Gold Coin
I have no words. This is amazing. I love it. Ooohaaahhh. Nice application. 2 coats. I'm just going to admire the shiny now. Shh. Don't bother me, while I gaze at this pretty polish.

Hope you are doing well!
Love Pretty


pink crackle wednesday : 2012- Virgin

Left hand with topcoat

Kind of crusty without topcoat. I don't know why the bottle(looks metallic) looks nothing like the finished crackle.  I don't understand crackle sometimes...?

Right hand

Left thumb crackle

2012- Virgin
I saw a whole new line at my local addict store. 2012 all crackles! I decided to try the pink one of course. I decided to wear this today. The base coat black is OPI: Black Onyx.The bottle looked metallic, but when you put it on it dries poofy and kind of weird looking. I don't understand crackle sometimes. *sigh* But it looks pretty good with topcoat! yey. I really like the final outcome. 2012 is a must use with topcoat. My topcoat bubbled a little because the fan was on. But overall I like this mani. 

Hope you are doing well!
Love Pretty


Revlon - Powder Puff


polish with no topcoat.... this is it 'matte'

with topcoat

with topcoat

I have a big head

matte again

Revlon- Powder Puff
A matte suede polish. Um, I didn't expect it to be so sheer. This is 3 coats. The application was good. I'm not sure if it's hot or if it is the formula but it dries kind of bumpy. The polish bottle had iridescence in it, so I think I was pretty bummmed that it did not really show up. Despite that, I think I decided I still like this. White polish is kind of cool!

Hope you are doing well!
Love Pretty


Halloween Oranges


I don't really do orange. So, I went on a quest to find some at the local nail store.  These 3 new additions, plus another wet n' wild and another Sinful orange glitter are what I have. So now I have 5 oranges. I'm trying new things here people!

For me, orange reminds me of prison uniforms, sf giants games, and hot dogs/fast food. I'm not sure I'm into them. But it's Halloween! I must try.

this one is NYX girls: Hot Orange
 NYX girls: Hot orange
MMMM, well this is  not so much working for me. It's a decent application. However, it is 4 coats. You still will get huge VNL. This is a very sheer orange. I think this is meant to be put over white. It looks like a jelly in the bottle... but I really think this is actually a neon if put over white. It's very bright.

Poor Nyx: Hot Orange....You can see some VNL action going on
More Hot Orange...more VNL action.. *sigh*

This one is NYX: Pop Culture
 NYX: Pop Culture
Then I went back to try another orange. Pop Culture. This one is shimmery and less in your face bright. It's pretty and shimmery. Application is good. However, this one is pretty sheer as well. 4 coats and still VNL. *sigh* It's nice though to layer over another color polish like white or black.

Pop Culture: more shimmery VNL

NYX: Papaya
 NYX: Papaya
Ok this orange was pretty. Very hot dog orange. LOL. No VNL yey. This one is just right. Well, that's my orange polish adventure I was doing last week.  I found some oranges I can play with. Although not perfect. I'm sure I will find applications for them. One neony, One shimmery, and One creamy. Yey for Oranges. I think I've completed my orange stash. 

Hope you are doing well!
Love Pretty


hair sunday is back


Woo. Hair Sunday! Man, I've been bad. My hair needs attention. I promise to keep this up. Well, after we moved, we tossed many hair products away. However, the hair junkie of the house quickly replenished the supply.   --side note. For this post, I don't know why the hair junkie got kid products.The junkie buys hair products with no discernment. If it's new, the junkie must get!! Hmm sounds like my nail polish problem. Anyway....

Here is a shampoo I tried just now. Just for me: hair milk.
Um it really stings my eyes!!!!
Like it hurts like crazy. Do not get this in your eye!
It's ok standard shampoo. It kind of dries you hair out a little too much. You know stipping the hair oils. Not my fav, but it it does it's job.

And this is some curly moisturizer I used. Curly Q Custard. It's really light. Not greasy. I like it. And it smells good as well. I braided my hair in sections and placed this stuff on. My hair is almost dry and it feels soft in the braids. I like this product.

Ok I go now get ready for tomorrow.

Hope you are doing well!
Love Pretty




Woo it this weekend is hot. I needed nail polish therapy after the whole pink hearts disaster. I went to walgreens to get air-conditioning as well. Initially, I was going to the nail store because I noticed that they updated their China Glaze with some more crcakles... ehh but it was too hot to walk all the way there. I'm not sure I REALLY wanted/needed crackle. So, this is what I got.

I saw all these art brushes.. 25 brushes...many of them tiny.. yey for nail art/makeup applications

some cool makeup. I usually don't buy makeup... but you blogger pple make me more interested

some revlons that were on sale...matte suede and a metallic gold!

a glow in the dark polish! oooh
 Well, hopefully I will swatch these soon,
I'm bad at swatching many things at once.

Intresting enough, I didn't buy any pink.
I actually put 2 pinks back.
What the heck!
Well, it's fun to try something new!

Hope you are doing well!
Love Pretty