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Thursday, August 12, 2010

I got tagged

I got tagged for this too

by the pretty lady: imperfectly painted

ok my first tag.. so i'm probably going to mess this up.. lol

The Rules:
1. Post who gave you this award
2. State 10 things you like
3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment

1. I like pink nail polish.

2. I like my guitars and playing getting better at that.

3. I like being healthy.

4. I like glee.

5. I'm obsessed with Dr. Who +Torchwood.

6. I like music of all types..
   my fav is Nina simone/Led zepp/Jeff buckley/Iron+Wine/Sufjan Stevens..
      I can listen to these people on  repeat my whole life... and never get bored..

7. I like to belly dance.. it's really fun!

8. I like improv theatre too. I need to find a group to do that again! Way too much fun!

9.  I like art/architecture/design/.. hey this counts as one.. I think these are all related.

10. I like living in a different country. I want soo bad to move and live somewhere different... copenhagen/london/amsterdam.. are at the top of my list..... and one day I will be blogging from there!!

ten bloggers o my that's so many!!!
not sure I have the patience for this.. or if the bloggers I choose already have done this..

but I will try

1. the nail polish md
2. sparkle
3. duckduckgander
4. emybloom
5. candy coated tips
6. nails beautiqued
7. chikisnails

ok.. um I'm lazy.. is 7 enough.. this is taking too long.. I need to go get food now!

anyone else who wants to do this.. please do it.. it's fun! lol

The Pink That Started the Crazy.....

Beauty Without Cruelty: Raspberry
a frosty,
a shimmery,
a little bit mauvey
an awesome pink

with flash

They are a vegan polish. 1 coat!!

I got it for 14 dollars..?  About a year and a half ago.
When architecture people had jobs..

I hated my job.
Overtime every weekend.
LONG hours.
AND the worst was that they treated people like crap..!

1. My name does not sound like OBAMA. What the hell. Please stop calling me this!!

2.  So you say your ancestors hung and picked n*g.. wow.. That's interesting! this as an explanation of where the word picnic comes from. WOW!

3.  So you say my other coworker is not Korean.. at all.. !  Even though she's Korean! Just because she doesn't act to your stereotype..

4. And let's not forget the crazy sociopath project manager.. omg goddddd! crazy. Everyone HATED him..

I think I was a little bit to naive/scared/shy to say anything.
And it seemed like everyone was so used to the abuse....
that saying something would not do anything, except get you fired. :-(

I hated that job. 

So, I bought this little polish as retail therapy... it worked..!
no flash

This is the pink that started my crazy obsession with pink nail polish..

I wear this polish when I feel like crapp crapp... because it always makes me feel a little better.

The pics aren't doing the polish justice for some reason.
And I had my fan on, so there is a bubble in the picture.

...but this is such a  pretty polish!!!!!

No, I don't work at the crazy place anymore...

ehh good bye..!

I'm actually trying to change my career.

Too much stress caused me my health to go really bad!

Architects NEVER SLEEP!
I've found that no sleep = really really bad things for me.

So I'm trying to recover now.. :-D
Taking some classes, + talking to some people, etc.

Pink nail polish helps as well!

yey polish!