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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

China Glaze - Avalanche.

It's cold today. Here is something more icy... from the giveaway I won from lacquer ware for tips and toes.

It feels like winter here today not summer.

I like this color.  But not sure what color it is? What do you think this color is?

I say purple frost/metal?

I'm not a big fan of metallic polishes though. They tend to be streaky.. but I like using them for nail art. 


I might try to fraken this with some glitter.

In other new.. I realized I have more than 50 readers on my follower side bar!!!

I just want to THANK YOU guys for reading my crazy!

I might have a giveaway soon.  I'm just not rolling in the moneys so it might take me longer to get some nice goodies to thank you guys.. !

Readers who comment might get some extra love because they take the time out of their day to comment/talk to me...

Really that's why I started a blog.. because I'm just a little person..
who wanted to talk to cool ladies who love nail polish as well!

I feel like I actually have new friends. :-D
Well,  I love making communities.. feeling connected to people around the world..!
I think that is awesome.

Hope you had a nice day!