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Sunday, July 11, 2010

SinfulColors - Fusion Neon.


This is what I'm wearing today!

Fusion Neon by SinfulColors.

 Another NEON!
(in the shade)
(it dries matte)

This one really glows! (With a flash.. the neon glows!)

I was about to write a bad review of this because I wore this last week.. and it chipped all over my guitar. But I didn't have a basecoat or topcoat on it..  I was too excited to see how this looked like. I forgot.

I really like it.. it cost me a dollar so I'm not really stressing over it.
3 coats.

Don't wear this alone or it will chip a lot! ( this pic is with a topcoat)

I like this neon pink better.

Well going to Berkeley today to eat pho. Happy Sunday!