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Monday, July 5, 2010

Hipsters, Stop Pissing on SF!

Ok random title.

But this is what I bought from the sale. All pinks! So what!
3 bucks.

Random rant below:

You don't have to read
Just look at the pretty polish above..

*Yesterday,  I was going on the train in SF, and I saw this well dressed 'hipster' lady peeing right on the stairs to go down to the train.

while her 'friends' waited for her..  all just laughing at her..
She wasn't even drunk or wasted.. or horribly out of it.. or on drugs..

Didn't your mother teach you anything.
I mean don't piss inside a train station.. right in front of everyone..
Everyone can see!

Everyone can see you pissing on the floor like a dog!
If I had my cell phone out..
I would have taken a picture of your crazy ass.
You are lucky.

But really

Go to a cafe shop and use the bathroom.. or buy some water for a dollar..
and go use a BATHROOM.
Stop pissing on my city!

There are so many cafe shops in that area.
... They are there
for you to go use the BATHROOM!

Gas stations..!
They have  BATHROOMS!

a BAR!!
They have BATHROOMS!

( just walk in like you know someone and use the lobby bathroom and leave!)

If worse really comes to worse..
find a bush somewhere.. in the park

You are messing up my city.. it smells like pee..
I don't even like coming to San Francisco anymore.
You've ruined Bay to Breakers by peeing/pooping on peoples yards and gardens!
Please stop this madness...
I know that you haven't grown up in Sf..
because we don't do that shit!!
We know where the bathrooms are.
Just ask someone!

Don't piss on my city!!!