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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Walgreens Sinful Coupon - end July 3.


Oh just found this!!

I'm going to go print this out real quick... and see if this works at my local walgreens before they close!!
I need some retail therapy after yesterdays game!

Nail Challenge - Rimbaud Poèmes.

Polish Hoarder book inspiration challenge. Inspired by Rimbaud Poèmes. French Poetry.


Not exactly the design. It was fun to do.

Sometimes I read this book so I don't forget the French I learned in High School. 

SinFul Colors: Mint Apple.
I like this color. 
It may be a bit too shiny for me, though.
I'm a weirdo. 
I feel sea sick when I wear this color.
It makes me a little queasy.
I have no idea why.
I need this color in a creme.

Sally Hansen Pen: 
I like this pen also. However, I wish they had thinner line weights.
Then the design could have been more detailed.

This is me! Singing in french! Song: Je Reviens. About a year ago. My hair is all over the place! haha. It still is! You can't see, but I'm wearing my Ghana t-shirt.  Oh still upset over the World Cup.