Something Shiny and Pink! Zoya: Alegra.


Zoya: Alegra
It's funny how much other things you get done, when you have a lot to do. Um, so yes a quick post! A nice fuchsia glitter/sparkly shiny pink! It's a 3 coater. It still kind of has a VNL slightly but not so bad. I wore this for a while. I didn't let it dry enough though, so when I began to play my guitar the steel strings totally messed it up. I still wore it for a day or so though. I just took it off tonight. Now... I must study for MIDTERM. Acck! ok..I will do school work now.. I promise.. ohh Glee is on soon! ...ok will do that too while studying.

Yeah... I love that band...

Well.. that's all for today. Must not procrastinate anymore.

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