So Much Pink Glitter!


I love this. This is Wet n' Wild Sparkled over Wet n' Wild Tickled Pink - a light pink! (sorry no bottle pictures) I put this on Thursday night and wore it until.. um it's still on. It's a little worn out on the tips. To get it this sparkly, you have to put on about 3/4 layers. Some of my nails took 3 coats and some nails took 4. It was a little annoying but,  I love it. I can't take this one off! The pink glitter is so fun, and so distracting. Got lots of compliments. I keep looking at my nails to see the shiny. I will probably take it off tonight.  I'm a little kid... so easily amused.

 * grr I spelled something wrong.. but no time to change it... need to get back to doing class work...soo much work.. that's why I don't post so often...( but yes it's tickled pink, people...!)


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