Does this look like a Zebra Print..?

Zebra Print

Hmm, so first of all.. I CUT MY NAILS! Wow! You have won this round, oh guitar...but the nails might make a comeback.  I'm not used to this length right now. I feel like my nails have been chopped off.  My pinky nail looks odd to me. Grr, I miss my nails. I will just have to get used to it though.  I need to keep practicing my guitar! Oh, and this nail photo  is just an experiment with my other polish: Zoya: Edyta and Sally Hansen Chrome Pink Crystal but really a silver. I tried to make a zebra print, but I don't think it is working. This was for the new facebook group Fab Nails Art challenge...animal prints!

Check out their facebook page it's awesome yey for Mae and Thriszha challenges!  "ART OF NAIL together with Thriszha of "FAB UR NAILS" created a new facebook account. We combined the names of our blogs. We will post our weekly challenge on this new fb account. Thank you very much, we will update it ASAP"



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