N.Y.C: Fuchsia Shock Creme.


N.Y.C: Fuchsia Shock Creme.

This was my NOTW last week. I did this real quick late last night Tuesday. I wore this until it was chipped (like Wed till Sunday). I'm a little too busy to change my nails everyday. *sigh* School is soo early.. and goes on all day! Anyway, this is a seriously nice bottle of cheap polish:

2 coats,
Nice application, 
Didn't really chip that badly except for my tips 

Hmm.. my nails are so long now because I'm lazy. I prefer my short nubbies, so I can play the guitar. However, cutting them now since they are so long takes effort....and I'm lazy/busy! I haven't played any guitar in like a week and a half. :-(
Sunday night chips