RAOK + Giveaway Teaser.


my first flakies! a serious yellow lemming!and black stars!! thank you EvilAngel!check out her blog! 

my friend was always saying he was going to get me this.. I thought it was a joke.. it was not..He's awesome..! too bad he has a boyfriend.. *lol* I would have married him.. haha

Ok so, like I have said before... this week was horrible!!!!!
However, some really nice people made it a little better with their thoughts and their raoks!

I've had some problems with my health, and my family is really not supporting me as I try to recover..

Um pretty much abusing me to the fact as saying I'm lazy, etc because I can't do all the things I used to do before my health went bad...

I seriously think there is something wrong with these people..but I'm stuck.. as I'm depending on them now because I'm not strong enough to be on my own yet.

But it really sucks because how I'm I supposed to heal when I have crazy people to bring me down all the time... *sigh*

When I get better, I'm moving out of the fucking country or something...blechhk!

These are some things I've been accumulating for a giveaway to thank my readers.. um the only problem is I'm kind of money challenged right now... So you my have to wait.. I want to add more goodies as well.. just letting you guys know I'm seriously loving all my readers.. lol I just can't give what I want to you guys right now!


  1. I hope things turn o.k. very soon!

  2. @pawssies. ok! I don't know the language.. though.. but I will learn!

    @biba thank you. yes.. me too! I am really trying everyday to make a change. and blogging is my escape/distraction from all the crazy in my life.. I may seem happy/put together.. but I'm really not. lol. if it were not for this outlet.. I probably would just lay under my covers and not try..lol


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