I got tagged


I got tagged for this too

by the pretty lady: imperfectly painted

ok my first tag.. so i'm probably going to mess this up.. lol

The Rules:
1. Post who gave you this award
2. State 10 things you like
3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment

1. I like pink nail polish.

2. I like my guitars and playing getting better at that.

3. I like being healthy.

4. I like glee.

5. I'm obsessed with Dr. Who +Torchwood.

6. I like music of all types..
   my fav is Nina simone/Led zepp/Jeff buckley/Iron+Wine/Sufjan Stevens..
      I can listen to these people on  repeat my whole life... and never get bored..

7. I like to belly dance.. it's really fun!

8. I like improv theatre too. I need to find a group to do that again! Way too much fun!

9.  I like art/architecture/design/.. hey this counts as one.. I think these are all related.

10. I like living in a different country. I want soo bad to move and live somewhere different... copenhagen/london/amsterdam.. are at the top of my list..... and one day I will be blogging from there!!

ten bloggers o my that's so many!!!
not sure I have the patience for this.. or if the bloggers I choose already have done this..

but I will try

1. the nail polish md
2. sparkle
3. duckduckgander
4. emybloom
5. candy coated tips
6. nails beautiqued
7. chikisnails

ok.. um I'm lazy.. is 7 enough.. this is taking too long.. I need to go get food now!

anyone else who wants to do this.. please do it.. it's fun! lol


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