China Glaze: Sex on the Beach.

I needed some pink in my life. So I put this sexy lady on last night.

I got this in a swap in nailstah! I pretty much bothered her to let me try some sex on the beach..
It's a lovely color on me. I love it. I love the application..but um..

Look below!

I did this last night while watching  2 doctor who episodes! 1hr and 20 mins of wait time..

The polish was not dry after that. Dented, when I scratched my head.. This made me sad.. but I was too tired to change it last night.
 This is why there is no 'clean up' because I was going to take this polish off this morning
 but was too scatter brained..  :-o.

 I don't know?
 It's a funny polish.
 Maybe I will do 2 coats instead of three... and see if that changes it.
 It's a nice peachy microglittery sandy grainy shade..

It sounds like a good idea.. but I'm not sure sex on the beach is a good idea....

Too much sand..  all over the freaking place.. *i mean polish..*
yes polish goes all over the place.
yes.. I'm talking about polish.

hmm I still think you look pretty, I just wish you would dry.


  1. i don't think it's a good idea either, lol, but it's a very pretty color

  2. I don't like pinks but this one is really cute!
    Visit my blog if you want: :)


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