Challenge: Nature.

Opps I'm late posting this post from the PHD challenge: nature
picture inspiration
The chinese character means love.
tools used. Later I added essie matte about you and my nails look like a charcoal painting! I can't bear take it off now! It looks like art. LOL will post it later. I'm really in a bad mood due to some stuff from school. sorry!      


  1. Ual, these nails were beautiful, I loved ... Kisses ...

  2. This is beautiful. You really captured the essence of the photo on your nails1

  3. I love this manicure -- really awesome and zen-like!

  4. @rmcadlelight glad u liked it :-D

    @nicole lol! your comment seriously made me laugh.. haha thank you

    @Mz. More :-) thank u. lol I remember when one of my professors used to say that.. !!! haha so random.. "hey you did not capture the essence of that tree!" and I was like what the hell is he talking about...

    @ping :-D thank you! yes I did this mani to help me relax as well! when I felt stressed out.. I would just look at this mani.. and pretend I was there.. haha

  5. Wow, you are great with nail art. Nice detail.


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