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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Zoya Exchange!

It came at last! I've been waiting on this little package since the start of June! There was some mixup in the mail! Glad when it finally arrived!! I even did a little happy dance!   


 This brand is one of my favs! I love that it's vegan.

 I'm actually trying to be a vegan. Milk/dairy mess up my skin/body, and make me feel bloated..
But I like cheese!!!

My skin does not! Who will win..?
At this moment.... the cheese won.. my skin is suffering.. *sigh*

(the shimmer pinks)  Suzanne, Sirena, Trinity.

(the creme/sheer pinks) Jessica, Piper.

(the non-pinks) Helen, Kaufda,  Suvi.


...........okay, i'm so slow. i just noticed pink polishes are your favorite.


hehe maybe I should make my blog title in Capital letters..Bold..!? hehe

yeah pink is cool

You got some beauties. Can't wait to see your mani's :)

!! I'm excited!! Especially for the suvi! I don't usually like other colors but suvi it looks gorgeous

Congrats on your Zoya haul. Gotta love their exchange. I love Suvi.

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